About Us

Welcome to Salt Lickers Supply Co. We are so happy that you stopped by! Salt Lickers was established in 2018 by the owner, Abigail Morrissey (now Sickler). What began as a bar of soap, has turned into her passion and a way to serve her local community. She & her husband are fifth generation farmers to own their land and couldn't be more proud to harvest those fields. They both have deep agriculture roots & a passion for their small town community. 

Aside from her 9-5 and the farm, it is Abigail's desire to serve you with affordable fashion and products that will leave you looking fabulous from pasture to happy hour. Because when you look good you feel good and when you feel good you do good.

This boutique caters to women of all different sizes. Salt Lickers is a shop for women that work hard, have an inner chic gypsy cowgirl soul, support local mom & pops over department stores, and would rather take a back road than a highway. It's for the women who will take a pair of boots over heels & isn't afraid to get her hands dirty alongside the boys. It's for the women who rock a wrangler butt during the day but kill it in a little black fringe dress at night. It's for women who want to support other women. 

Now don't get me wrong, men can shop here too. & even if western chic isn't your style, you'll find a product you will love. There is something for everyone. This business started on a dime & has grown into something bigger than anyone could have ever comprehended. We are so excited to leave a mark and work with other small business owners to turn our dreams into a reality.