Hidden Creek Farm

The idea of sustainable living and operating our farm has been a driving force in our daily life for many years now. We are blessed to have a family that has supported our dreams along the way. The opportunity for us to put our full efforts into these dreams came to us in 2019 & we have been exploring new adventures & growing our family ever since.

Both having strong roots in regenerative farming, my husband and I strive to create a meaningful connection between the food that we consume & the community that we reside in. Our decisions are made based on the conscious effort to have minimal impact on the environment that we depend on.

That is why we have come to the much thought out & researched decision to pasture raise poultry in the great outdoors and sunshine. No antibiotics, no growth hormones, no GMO feed. No traveling to a butcher. Taking simplicity & the idea of knowing your farmer, & where your food comes from, to a very obtainable level. From moving our chickens daily, to the quality of feed that they are given, we are taking pride in this new adventure.

As a young farming family, we look forward to the future of learning, growing & becoming a dependable part of our local food supply. A batch of chickens will be available during the last week of July. More details are to follow, but if anyone has any questions please fill out the form below